Cooperation partners


GBC AG, based in Augsburg, is one of the leading bank-independent investment houses in Germany and an experienced issuing expert for German-speaking SMEs. Further information can be found at


Absolut Research GmbH is a specialized publisher and research house with a focus on institutional asset management. Since 2000, the Hamburg-based company has been providing institutional investors in German-speaking countries with know-how and analyses for sound investment decision-making. Further information can be found at


Family Office Magazine is the most respected premium quality “Family Office” magazine in the world that caters to an ultra-wealthy audience who make up the wealthiest and most influential sector in the world. The publication has contributions and articles from some of the most prominent Family Offices, Private Banks and Wealth Management Firms. Further information can be found at


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The Nebenwerte Journal reports each month exclusively on small-capitalized values, speaks regularly with the executive committees, visits the general meetings as well as investor meetings, analyzes, compares with the competition and forms an opinion – to the enterprise and to the share. The focus is on fundamental analysis. You can find further information at: